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The end of 2020 had me buried in commission pieces and looking forward to a slow January to work on all things behind the scenes of my business. January ended up being anything but slow.

A bigger canvas this time

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They wanted 2 canvases… Awesome!!

I pitch these ideas to clients as an option to truly tell their story. And then the work begins figuring out how to make it all happen.

One canvas of the ceremony and one of the reception. K. No problem.

Two canvases painted live!….

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And who am I to turn down a present 🙂

This energy is addictive.

Those early moments transitioning from event staff yelling into the back checking on some last minute details or a place setting missing their salad fork or confirming the recipe for the signature cocktail. The DJ doing

It’s not about me, but yet I get the gift!

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5pm on a gorgeous springy Saturday sure looks different for me these days. What about you? Being an ideal Saturday for a wedding, I’d typically be in

Live painting during corona days

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The way this came together….. I still can’t.

My mom (we call her and she so IS), the hostess with the mostest, had been on me for a while to have a little open house. Which stressed me out because my little office/studio space is plenty full with


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I’d never HEARD OF live painting…. I thought they were a lil crazy honestly. Paint onsite. It was a luncheon. 90 minutes probably. Nope. No thanks. Not possible. You want me to do what again!???

What can happen from that first “YES”

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When trying to decide the size of the canvas for your onsite live painting, there are a few things to consider.

What size canvas should we do?

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I think we’ll hang it over the bed, or maybe in the dining room, or on the gallery wall we’ve started in the hall…

Where will your live painting hang?

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The LIVE PAINTING happens during your wedding, or reception, or both. It works on so many levels.




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