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What can happen from that first “YES”


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I’d never HEARD OF live painting….   

I thought they were a lil crazy honestly. Paint onsite. It was a luncheon. 90 minutes probably. Nope. No thanks. Not possible. You want me to do what again!???

That first job came to me from a client that had used me for many creative projects in their home for years.

After more chatting, talking what it would cost, what the timeline was and LOTS of think time and flat-out GUTS, I said yes!  And just figured I’d work out the kinks and the how-to’s and details later.

Well that first one happened. Donel Yes, completed during that luncheon.

It worked.  I’m sure I sweated. I know I shook. But I didn’t have time to think too hard about any part of it. I trusted my artistic academic training and worked on instinct and fed off the energy of that timeline and knowing people were watching for progress on the painting.

And it worked.

I make a living attending killer parties, beautiful intimate life-changing celebrations, and get to sample some of the best of the best cuisine and witness traditions that have been around for generations. It’s work, yes. It’s intense. I have an emotional hangover the day after and have to pretty much shut down, skip the shower, order in, stretch a lot and nap. But oh my.

This is my JOB.

Bless you my trusting clients. And bless you the planners and venue staff that make my way easier and fetch the cord, the stool, the water, the cake for me as needed. And bless you the social media sharers and taggers. And bless my hubby that brings me coffee in bed and my peeps that cheer me on, ask me questions about recent jobs and seem interested when I have to verbally vomit all the goodness I see on a very regular basis.


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