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This image popped up on my Facebook feed this morning.

Four years ago I had just put myself out there using my artistic skills to benefit families that I would likely never know. I had painted a life-size tiger sculpture, and partnered with a team comprised of a business sponsor and a charity and me, an artist.

4 years ago, as reminded by Facebook

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Up early this morning and trying hard NOT to just jump on my phone and get caught scrolling and lose hours. The line between business and life gets blurry! Anybody with me? Scrolling aimlessly just to quiet my head and get lost in someone else’s story, or drilling down into someone’s IG feed to research a future event I’ll be painting. It’s a fine line.

The Art of Holding Back

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I’d never HEARD OF live painting…. I thought they were a lil crazy honestly. Paint onsite. It was a luncheon. 90 minutes probably. Nope. No thanks. Not possible. You want me to do what again!???

What can happen from that first “YES”


live wedding painter

IN the midwest and beyond