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Where will your live painting hang?



I understand and have seen the details in countless weddings that have required some serious time to decide the just right options and size and sparkle.  And the investment to make every detail cohesive with the others, creating an overall beautiful scene and memorable feel.  I believe your wedding painting needs to include a bit of all those details. Whether you go with a vertical orientation or horizontal, I’ll adjust a bit of my perspective to cover some of all those details. 

The most common size requested is a 24×36 canvas. 

This is a great size to command a decent presence hanging solo on a dining room wall, or over a sofa or headboard.  But it’s not big enough that you can’t make it part of a gallery wall with other photos or artwork hung around it. 

Do you have tall ceilings in your bedroom or living room? 

Consider a bit bigger!  30×40 or 36×48 is a visual statement in the space that will likely steer the rest of the décor in the space. 

Or play with a panoramic layout…

A 24×48 or 16×40 canvas is perfect to capture a wider span of a space.  Maybe you exchange vows outside near a lake or on a quaint patio with bistro lights strung high or a floral arbor framing the view but the reception is inside; I’d make sure that ceremony scenery is represented on your canvas as well as the celebration, dinner and dancing inside. 

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