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What size canvas should we do?


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When trying to decide the size of the canvas for your onsite live painting, consider:

  • where will you hang the finished piece and what size canvas can the space handle?

  • how much would you like the live painting to add to the entertainment of your event?

  • will the finished piece hang vertically (portrait mode) or horizontally (landscape) in your space?

  • does your venue have tall ceilings (vertical layout might work well) with killer light fixtures or an architecturally interesting ceiling?

  • is it more important to capture the overall span of the crowd as well as the cake and the dancing and the ice sculpture and the band (horizontal works well)


Think of this…

Big wow factor for your guests? Or smaller canvas to work into your gallery wall of the stairway at home?

Your live painting naturally commands some attention from onlookers at your event. So bigger is better right? But remember, where will the finished piece end up?

A 24×30 or 24×36 canvas is a great size to be easily visible to your guests as they watch the progress on your painting. A panoramic layout minimum suggested size is 16×40 or 24×48 and naturally has a home hanging over the couch or headboard. But if you have the space and know your guests will appreciate seeing the live painting evolve throughout the celebration, 36×48 is the best size. There are countless canvas sizes available of course. And this is custom art. If you’re considering a size canvas I’m not mentioning here, or if you have a question about a space you’re considering for hanging your finished piece, just let me know. I welcome a conversation allowing your design input and direction and see myself really as the one to artistically execute whatever you can dream up.

Regardless of the size canvas you decide, I personally work to visually tell the story of your celebration in your painting and include a bit of all the goodness you’ve put together for your guests.




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