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The way this came together….. I still can’t.

My mom (we call her and she so IS), the hostess with the mostest, had been on me for a while to have a little open house. Which stressed me out because my little office/studio space is plenty full with me, a work table, a taller work desk and a few canvases. Add in a few extra bodies and my personal bubble is gone (close talkers, networking, all that = anxiety for me… but give me a job, put me to work serving them drinks or painting their gig and I’m THERE) and people would be running into each other and not know where to stand and just no Mom.

But it would come up occasionally.

And in one conversation with Mom I mentioned maybe a virtual open house. And I lost her. Mom’s not techy. And I couldn’t explain to her how a live stream or facebook live video could work.

So I threw it out on my IG stories one day – “if I had an open house, would you attend? Or would a virtual open house be better?”

And I got some fun feedback – gotta love the IG stories.

One comment was something like ‘hey if you ever want to entertain the idea of hosting an actual party let me know’… and I laughed it off. This was from the gracious McCall, manager of The Gallery Event Space – a fabulous venue 2 hours from me but in the area where I’ve been busiest and where business has grown fastest.

My reply was ‘I guess a girl can dream’ and I told my husband and rolled over to call it a day. But I didn’t sleep. I envisioned a party in that cool space, I pictured clients and people who’ve guided me in business and life in attendance, I wondered what I’d wear.

I think it was the next day I reached out to set up a conversation. And then I contacted Michelle with Events by Elle who I’ve worked with on several projects and just asked her to talk me down, knowing this was crazy.

The three of us met in person several weeks later, set a date, created my dream team of vendors and started planning Painted.

It was a dream.

The florals spilling from literal huge paint buckets, the lighting in the venue to match the logo and brand of the event, the sofas in the round and twinkling cocktail tables, the just right vibe in the music, I heard the food was amazing – I know the drinks were killer (!) and beautiful, and I didn’t pass out when it was time for my presentation from stage. The people in attendance were so very complimentary and I’m still floating.

To be in a place where I’ve been able to use my gifts to give back to those in need (tens of thousands of dollars now indirectly through charity events I paint and in turn my work is sold via live auction) and now to show my clients how much I adore them for growing my business. These pinch-me moments continue. XOXOXO

Planning Events by Elle

Photos Claire Ryser Photography

Venue The Gallery Event Space

Rental Ultrapom Event Rentals

Music/Lighting/Photo Booth Icon Event Group

Floral Good Earth Floral

Event Branding Caitlyn Allen

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