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“Cindy was one of the highlights of our wedding day! All of our guests loved watching her work during the reception and finding recognizable people in her painting. She was so sweet and kind to everyone who stopped by and we now have the most beautiful painting we will keep forever. If you’re thinking about booking her…just go ahead and do it! She is totally worth it!!“

Leigh Ann Harrigan

Leigh Ann Harrigan | FB Testimonial

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“Cindy has a heart of pure gold ❤️ I had the pleasure of meeting her last year and she completely blew me away by her raw talent, magnetic personality and relaxed demeanor. She is such a genuine person who truly cares about her clients. I will always always always recommend Cindy Scott Artistry
If you haven’t booked with her yet, what are you waiting for??“

Taeler Horak

Taeler Horak | FB Testimonial

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“I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Cindy, so I was beyond excited to work with her for a recent styled open house event. Any expectations I’d had were completely blown out of the water! Cindy was so kind, creative, and it was so relaxing to watch her skillfully paint the beautiful event as it unfolded. If you are looking for a one of a kind experience for your wedding or special event, hire Cindy to create a lifelike painting of your event! Cindy’s personality is so kind, warm, and welcoming. You’ll love every minute of working with her!“

Mallory Jacks

Mallory Jacks | FB Testimonial

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Up early this morning and trying hard NOT to just jump on my phone and get caught scrolling and lose hours. The line between business and life gets blurry! Anybody with me? Scrolling aimlessly just to quiet my head and get lost in someone else’s story, or drilling down into someone’s IG feed to research a future event I’ll be painting. It’s a fine line.

The Art of Holding Back

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I’d never HEARD OF live painting…. I thought they were a lil crazy honestly. Paint onsite. It was a luncheon. 90 minutes probably. Nope. No thanks. Not possible. You want me to do what again!???

What can happen from that first “YES”

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I had been laid off/let go/fired (???) just a month or so prior.

What??? I was to gather my things and meet the guy downstairs to be walked out? What happened? Where was my supervisor…. what did he know about what I’d been working toward in that position? SO SO WEIRD.

I had time, dang it. Plenty of time. But I wanted to work.

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When trying to decide the size of the canvas for your onsite live painting, there are a few things to consider.

What size canvas should we do?

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I think we’ll hang it over the bed, or maybe in the dining room, or on the gallery wall we’ve started in the hall…

Where will your live painting hang?

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The LIVE PAINTING happens during your wedding, or reception, or both. It works on so many levels.



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