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Things that settle for 10,000


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Fill dirt. A tired kid, eventually

Foundation of homes. 

The skin and bulges beneath it on my 40 something body.

This concept of settling was huge to me personally just a few short years ago. I think it really hit when I chose to take a corporate job that was not a good personal fit for me. I made that choice for stability for my family, to provide some benefits and a place to rebound after a business venture that finally wrapped up, a couple of years later than it probably should have.

It absolutely served its purpose.

But it pointed out to me the potential in myself that I was not embracing, capitalizing on, moaning. Feeling the edge from probably the second day taking that job, I last lasted about 22 months, and found a part-time job that would allow me the Safetynet while I worked harder to not settle, but become closer to what I Believe I was planted on this planet to do.

Working in my garage with the door open way after dark tonight, rigged gear on two standing ladders with long cedar plank stringers (nothing sharp or scary, just paint), listening to a brilliant insightful podcast.

Felt like my dad may have felt working in his workshop after dinner many many evenings decades ago creating a tangible version of a vision that had come to him.

He’d often listen to talk radio at the time (pre-podcast era). I wonder what he was interested in learning at the time and if it was related to his craft, his family, his dreams of what could be.

And I continue working through the dark and taking in that feeling and man oh man do I LOVE my upbringing, and the words I’m tuned into soak in and provide answers for my now and some future stuff. And almost redirect some business stuff for me.

Such good, good stuff.

And I remember a friend in very recent years calming me down and telling me I don’t have to have all the answers right then, as my business grows I’ll then be ready for the next lessons, and that my business growth will dictate what skills are needed then. And my skills will grow and then I’ll be ready for the next set of business stuff.

Many times I don’t even know what one or the other of those ARE and if I’ll be capable, or if it will work, even if I do learn it.

It’s a pretty mind-blowing ideal plan. And a fun game. And it forces me to lean harder into that upbringing and TRUST and look up and out and recognize and remain so very grateful. And do my part to honor it all.




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