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It really is what you want to see.


It really is what you want to see. Pinteres.png


Could be poor planning and us waiting until last minute, could be operating in cheap-skate mode taking the lowest airfare we could find, could be that we were just meant to have a little downtime. Whatever you wanna call it, we have five hours in the airport before we can get home.  


That’s more than a weekend nap. 

That’s 2+ full movies. 

That’s more than one meal. 

On some nights that’s all the sleep I get. 

I’m really ok with it. (Although we are only 30 minutes in.)

I noticed on a recent layover at the airport something very different. It felt unexpected, but like a happy surprise. I noticed people’s POSITIVE upbeat interactions with each other. 

Our flight that time had been delayed for a couple of hours, along with a couple of hundred other passengers. And I just assumed there would be grumpy bored attitudes among all of us couple hundred for those couple extra hours, couples that would grow impatient with each other arguing about taking turns babysitting the carry-on’s while the other one walked and fetched more coffee or took longer on their potty break than the other person agreed to. I expected screaming babies and weary parents. 

But what I saw

Young moms with the utmost patience and creative focus solely on their kids. 

A young couple with little bitty kids taking turns feeding, playing simple games, walking and bouncing while waiting and waiting. 

Some older couples traveling with what I’d assume were grandkids, playing games on pads of paper, one couple had a deck of cards, one couple was with older kids but engaged… it feels rare to see that nowadays.

I saw what seemed to be strangers in conversation and laughing and exchanging photos on their phones. 

Of all places. I saw amazing sincere human interaction and simple acts of joy… in the airport. 

So here and now, I’m seeing some good.  

Sweet moms FaceTiming their kids at home checking in on their school days, the kids wanting to see (via FaceTime) the big planes. 

Clouds changing even in just the short time we’ve been here, so we’ll see a good sunset. 

Great art. Airports usually have some pretty great art. 

And of course, the flights arriving carrying new single-serving friends wishing each other well on the rest of their journeys, the servicemen and women hopefully home for a break with loved ones.

There is good to see. 

But another 4 hours to go I may change my mind.  Consider what you want to see and seek more of THAT. 




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