Wedding Painting Process


what I see

No two are alike. I’m drawn into each wedding as if it’s my child I’m marrying off. I know good wedding cake. I’ve seen amazing live entertainers. I’ve heard tear-jerking toasts and seen equally special dances. The traditions of a wedding, of the family, the presentation of one newlywed to their brand new (finally official!) spouse for that first dance. I see a story unfold before me, uniting strangers and generations in celebrating two people finding each other.



a little behind the scenes

“Oh look she’s painting!” “Look, there’s the cake, oh that’s Aunt Jane! And there’s that guy that was high-fiving everyone when the wedding party came in!” You wouldn’t believe me if I told you every bit I hear while I’m working. Best seat in the house… #liveweddingpainter


what to expect at your event

I arrive an hour or two before your guests and use that time to get my workspace set for the evening, get my eyes on the overall space and begin narrowing down visually some of the architectural elements, layout of the room, light fixtures, and I move from that visual study to laying out my palette and beginning those first big brush strokes on the canvas, the first layers to translate what I see into a foundation to be filled with the rest of the celebration. I sometimes barely notice as the party begins to come alive, I am painting quickly, working from big background areas to table linens to people to shadows and gestures and hugs and sparkles and the kids that can’t wait to start dancing.

And the couple, finally, in their moment they’ve requested to be painted, at that moment I pause the painting, I study them and record their look and movement and interaction in some quick photos, and get right back to the canvas, fielding questions and comments as the piece really begins to come together.

Your piece will be on display somewhere safe as I pack up and head out after my work is done. And I’m grateful to have had the chance to witness so many magical celebrations of you.




live wedding painter

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