You made this.

Our country, the WORLD, our workplaces… shut down while we each try to adapt, survive, and find some shiny strand of joy and hope. You weighed in with what you’d like to see come together in a live painting as the rules changed and the numbers rose (approx. 3 hours into this painting during the fb live video, I actually heard the official news that where I live would be in a stay-home-order within hours).

I painted with your input somewhere close to 4 hours on March 24 before we wore out facebook live (I’ll stick a link here below if you want to FF thru the video and see the progression), and what resulted was a colorful, impactful, hopeful piece; connecting your thoughts and concerns with similar thoughts and concerns from possible total strangers.

If you’d like a digital visual of the finished piece, please leave me your email address here. It was shot in a natural ambient light on my phone with the sharpness slightly enhanced, hoping that when you zoom in you see the textures of not only the canvas, but the raw texture of the emotions you shared with me and that I worked to include, and you may see some inconsistency in the paint flow as I (like you) have been trying to work with what I got while here in the safety of my own nest, so some of the colors are my heavy body acrylic paint and some are craft paint I had in the garage.

The vertical format here should fit your iPhone as a wall paper. It is however yours to do with what you’d like. This statement serves as my Artist Release statement which allows you to print it, share it, print it to BURN it if this new normal is so not what you signed up for; I just ask that my signature remains on the original format and that you kindly credit Cindy Scott Artistry in fine print somewhere should you choose to share it. I am not a pro photographer but if this visual is enough to cling to knowing how in this we ALL ARE TOGETHER, please cling away. Thank you for sharing with me and allowing me in to your NOW.

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