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learn live painting with cindy scott

Guests are always curious but hesitant early in the evening to come see the painting begin… an artist painting!?? In a place like this? There’s a few that wander closeby and around the easel. The first comments are often “Oh you’re painting!”

As the event progresses, they see the canvas come to life, they warm up to the idea of a live painting and to me, they’re able to pick out themselves, key moments they witness, and ask one of my most FAQ, “Do you give lessons?”

And that answer is now YES!

I am building an online space for artists to gather and learn how to paint live events.

When was the last time you stretched your creative muscles?

Like, really stretched … maybe painting outside on a hot sunny afternoon when the sweat bees were swarming the reds and oranges on your palette… or painting a jam-packed dance floor bouncing to the live band on stage and the lights flashing in rhythm to capture a subject (or subjects) in action… or worked to piece together things that weren’t even in the same spot at the same time?

My goal with this community is to help refine your skills, find your focus, and – of course – provide the utmost support for like minded creatives like you ready to turn your talents into a position that recognizes your worth.


live wedding painter

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