Painting from the livestream

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I can tell you I’ve seen countless times first hand the void that personal artwork fills, especially in this season of so many postponed plans. Art filled with visuals of your people, your celebration, and YOU.

So yes, I am painting your wedding from the livestream, in addition to the offerings you may already know me for.

Why this works:

  • You’re at a loss for a unique gift for the couple

  • I’m booked elsewhere on the date you’ve requested me to paint live

  • Your initial request for me to paint live was too big of a hit to the budget

  • You’re looking forward to an intimate celebration among your closest friends and family but still really want it painted

What you get:

The wedding painting completed during the livestream (+ a few hours studio time as needed), packaged and shipped to you with your first day or two after “I do”

A timelapse video for the couple to see their painting evolve

A high-res digital image and artist release statement allowing the recipient to make prints or notecards of their finished painting

I need a helper on your end:

I need a contact person at your event to livestream the celebration to me (privacy setting can be set to stream to me only if this is not a public affair) and SAVE it in case I’m watching your streamed bash after the fact

This person uses their cell phone or tablet, the video does not have to be professional quality- promise; it just serves as my eyes on the event 

The device can be propped up on a ledge, a tripod, tucked somewhere out of the way, just set so I can see things unfold and get a good view of the space and some guests, and of course the newlyweds(!) in their “moment” for the painting — first dance, the vows, the kiss, etc

How much is it

This might be great news for you, especially if you’ve inquired about a live painting done on-site at your celebration. The live in-person paintings are the top of the line in the services I offer… there is a performance factor, many different dynamics and time restraints of getting to and working at a wedding celebration in person, coordinating with various people prior to my arrival, etc.

Painting from the livestream starts at $597, and that pricing is good thru fall of 2021. That’s not a massive canvas, but it is YOUR wedding done in a painting, nonetheless, and done in a day or 2 after the big day. Consider what’s possible, get a hold of me via the contact form here on the website, let’s chat about what’s planned.



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