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it’s time you cash-in on your value as an artist

Learn Live Painting is for stifled creatives. Maybe your hoard of art supplies buried in the guest room closet is overflowing, maybe you’ve maxxed out your budget to pay for a space at local art shows, maybe you just HAVE to keep making because it’s just IN US.

It’s for those of us who love painting, but don’t feel like it’s worth our time, or ideas, just to have yet another canvas sitting around or hanging on the wall just for a place to keep it safe.

It’s for artists who pray for a random buyer to stumble upon their creation where it hangs downtown on display.

here’s what you’ll get:

  • My tried and true brands (and colors within those brands) that I’ve learned work best for each stage of live painting

  • How to talk money with your clients, and BOOK THEM

  • How to track expenses to keep your accountant happy

  • Ways to market yourself as a creative professional both online and IRL

  • Day-of checklist so you are sure to be on your game and ready for anything while you’re working

  • Direct access to me to ask anything and work thru those pesky mindset issues, self-doubts, practical how-to’s…

  • And what it might look like to:

    1. drop one of the part-time jobs

    2. work fewer hours a week without losing money

    3. cover household expenses, cover the car payment, or pay for the vacation by working one weekend a month (or more!)

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Grow your following. Thank your clients. Paint year-round commission work. Keep your clients coming back each gift-giving occasion. Get paid for interior decorating, landscaping design advice, event decor work, etc. Stay busy. And stay PAID.

join our tribe of well fed artists

Can you learn live painting? Absolutely. My 5 years experience is condensed down to shorten your learning curve, increase your successes (and work load and income and following) and now available to you.




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