Event Painting Process


private events, corporate functions and fundraisers

Live painting (whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, a gala to raise awareness or corporate event in the workplace) for me always starts the same — butterflies in my belly, a blank canvas, and limitless possibilities on what will transpire over the next few hours.


Palette and tubes of paint from above_preview.jpeg

a little behind the scenes

I create a tangible representation of your event, your mission, your keynote speakers, history of your organization, or however you see the visual story needing to be told as your guests partake in all the festivities you’ve planned for them.


what to expect at your event

I arrive one to two hours before start time so I can set up my workspace, decide the best vantage point and get some basic foundation work laid on the canvas.

Then what unfolds visually tells the why of the event, including who’s behind it or who benefits from it, and where it started or where it’s arrived. Maybe we decide to include a visual history, or include the founders or keynote speakers presenting that night. I can even involve those in attendance and invite them to make their own mark on the painting… a collaborative piece that incorporates the work of many hands!

The finished painting can be auctioned off with the high bidder painted into the artwork, or it can hang in corporate headquarters to commemorate milestones achieved by the group. I’ve done paintings that have been gifted to committed volunteers and sponsored by a group simply to up the entertainment factor of the event.

Live painting is so custom and I’m willing to do my part to make this the best fit for your occasion!




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