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We were first introduced to Cindy and her unparalleled talent at our good friends’, Ashton and Alex Berhorst, wedding last November. We remember being in awe at her work, and soon began to follow her on Instagram to admire what she had done for other newlyweds.

We look forward to treasuring our wedding photos, but there is something unique about a live painting. We anticipate hanging it in our home for a lifetime and eventually passing it along to children. The biggest reason we asked Cindy to paint our wedding was to allow for guests whom we love so dearly and are no longer with us to “be with us” on our special day. Cindy can add any guest to be included in our wedding, even if they are with us in spirit. We find that so special, and cannot wait for this painting to tell stories for generations to come.


Learning More About Live Painting

Onsite live painting captures the beauty of the venue, the decor that’s been dreamt of for years, the cake, the florals, and the pieces brought in to create the just-right feel.

As the wedding celebration kicks off, guests trickle in and greet each other, grab a cocktail and find their seats… all becoming a visual part of the early layers in the painting.

The couple is painted into their artwork during their chosen moment (their first dance, the kiss, the moment they’re presented to their guests as officially married) as their guests are painted swirling around them celebrating.

The live painting captures a bit of everything from the celebration on canvas as it happens, which makes this investment worth it as the couple will have a unique piece of art, for years to come.

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About the Artist: Cindy Scott

Years of creative artistic professional positions and small business ownership have come together in onsite live event and wedding painting. She believe lessons in character, accountability, work ethic and her academic artistic training throughout my education and career continue to served her in this journey as an artist. Each project has it’s own beautiful set of elements and challenges as she work to capture major life moments as they happen.





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